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Buy an Artwork as a Christmas Present!

Christmas is the loveliest time of year…and it is almost here! Christmas trees, streets filled with lights, store windows decorated ahead of the holidays…and people searching for presents for their relatives.

Finding a perfect Christmas present may be difficult and stressful. However, it is possible to escape the hectic last-minute rush for the most special gifts! If you are looking for Christmas presents for your dearest ones, think about buying Art. An artwork is not just an ordinary Christmas gift: it is unique, exclusive, personal, timeless, and affordable.

Of course, buying artwork as a Christmas gift from an online art gallery is a great option. But if you want to take your time and enjoy this pre-Christmas period, visit a Christmas exhibition!

Offer yourself an amazing experience by visiting the Arts Crossroad Gallery Christmas group exhibition in Zug, Switzerland, which will take place 9–19 December 2021.

Here you will get into the Christmas mood, enjoy a lovely evening and an aperitif surrounded by amazing artworks, that will fill your heart with warmth, pleasure, and remind you of this season’s meaning.

Arts Crossroad Gallery is a Swiss-based online art gallery. Our objective is to match exquisite pieces of art with eager new owners, as well as to give a platform for rising artists of all styles and genres from across the world. We present paintings, drawings, ceramics, and other art objects selected by our professionals. Since 2018, we have organized several exhibitions in Switzerland.

On the upcoming exhibition, we will present the works of Ara Arayan, Tigran Ghazaryan, Asya Haroutunian, Aram Hunayan, Abel Karen, Viktor Khanyan, Marina Kusraeva, Samvel Martirosyan, Yekaterina Nikitina, Yana Poyarkova, Hovnan Sargsyan.

During this Christmas Exhibition, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the “Colorful Dandelions” series by Asya Haroutunian. These mystical acrylic pouring paintings are created in delicate and varied color combinations, offering an energetic and relaxing effect at the same time.

Amazing and unique clay angels created by Aram Hunanyan. As Aram states, “I make angels and they fly all over the world … They are messengers of love and peace”

Viktor Khanyan’s colorful works from his series of “Happy Houses” and “Little Prince”.

Marina Kusraeva is a seascape artist, looking at the paintings of Marina, one fully gets absorbed by the depth of the sea, hears the sounds of waves, and feels the warmth of the seaside sun.

Ekaterina Nikitina /Katyusha/ is a self-taught portraitist. She has created her recognizable style in portrait paintings.

Yana Poyarkova is a self-taught artist. She describes her style as “naive realism”, which one sees in “simple” images through which Yana transmits positive and heartwarming emotions.

Abel Karen is also a “new joiner” and his works will be presented by Arts Crossroad Gallery, for the first time in Zug, Switzerland. Abel Karen has started with international exhibitions back in 1984, with participation in a student exhibition in Helsinki, Finland and since then his works have been exhibited in many countries around Europe, the USA, Russia.

The works of Tigran Ghazaryan were also for the first time being exhibited in Switzerland last summer at the “Soul of Silence” exhibition in Zug. Thirteen new paintings of Tigran created during the last 6 months will be presented to the public for the first time at our exhibition.

Ara Arayan is multi-talented: being a painter, he is also a poet. At the back of many of his artworks, you will find his poetry dedicated to the theme of the work

“Human being with his inner world is the source of my inspiration. In order to explore feelings, mood, the spirituality of my heroes and to transfer them through my works, I often put myself in their shoes, to be able to feel and live their emotions” says Prof. Samvel Martirosyan. He creates wonderful paintings and unique sculptures from stone and bronze

“My childhood has a massive impact on my paintings. Through my paintings my childhood dreams come alive”. This is how Hovnan Sargsyan, a painter from Armenia, describes his works (his online exhibition is called “Dream”, and you can see it on our site).

Don’t miss the opportunity, visit the exhibition, get immersed in the Christmas atmosphere, discover new artists, artworks, explore new emotions, and find your ideal present for Christmas!

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