Offer Art this Christmas!

Why giving artwork as a Christmas present is a great idea.

1. “Wonderland”; Artist: Asya Haroutunian; Source: 2. “Lady in Red” №2 ; Artist: Asya Haroutunian; Source:
1. “Red Monastery”; Artist: Samvel Martirosyan; Source: 2. “The eternity of the ocean”; Artist: Marina Kusraeva; Source:
Paintings from “Colorful Dandelions” series by Asya Haroutunian; Source:
Aram Hunanyan’s clay angels: ambassadors of love, peace and goodness; Source:
Viktor Khanyan’s colorful works from his series of “Little Prince”; Source:
Welcome to the Christmas Exhibition of Arts Crossroad Gallery in Zug!



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Yeva Pilosyan

SEO/SMM specialist, content writer, ghost-writer, tour guide, mother of two. Dealing with my own spontaneous creativity outbursts