“Colorful Dandelions” in Switzerland

Artist Asya Haroutunian has presented her new series of acrylic pouring paintings at the SWISSARTEXPO 2021 in Zurich

While 2020 was a nightmare for exhibition scheduling worldwide, museums and galleries have not been passive at all. As a result, many significant exhibitions were set to take place in 2021. For instance, in Switzerland, the cultural life was marked by SwissArtExpo2021, which took place this August in the SBB Event Hall in Zurich Main Station.

SWISSARTEXPO is an art exhibition that offers talented and up-and-coming artists from all over the world a platform to present their original works of art to the public. This year, Asya Haroutunian has presented her artworks at SWISSARTEXPO for the first time.

Asya Haroutunian is a Swiss-Armenian painter born in Yerevan, Armenia, in 1980, and she has an impressive career path. She graduated from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland with the Outstanding MBA Student Award and gained more than 18 years of experience in the corporate finance world. Her passion for painting, discovered in 2016, soon turned into an existential passion, deeply anchored in her heart to this day.

In 2020, the artist dedicated her first solo exhibition “Reflections” to her late mother, who was not only an inspiration for her but also a source of her courage and happiness.

During the corona pandemic, Asya started to create her enchanting series of acrylic pouring paintings, revealing the fascinating secrets of this special technology. The acrylic pouring technique is very mysterious. From the moment of pouring until the paint gets dry, the creator’s reflection is fully involved. After all, the paintings are the result of the artist’s thoughts and feelings, the reflection of his state of mind. The unpredictable color gradients and the wonderfully harmonious mixes are always an exciting experience for Asya.

This year, the SWISSARTEXPO visitors had a chance to admire the original “Colorful Dandelions” series, consisting of six works by Asya Haroutunian. The delicate and diverse color combinations of these works have an invigorating and calming effect at the same time. More of Asya Haroutunian’s artworks can be seen on Arts Crossroad online art gallery.



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