Arts Crossroad Fair

Art Without Boundaries

What is the purpose of making art? Self-expression, reflecting on yourself and the reality that surrounds you, making a statement, persuading…and many more. There is no denying that whether you are just starting out in your artistic career or you are a well-known master, you want others to contemplate your art…and you want to sell your art.

  • Lucerne — cultural center; 50 km from Zurich; Population 386,000; Average annual income — 75,000 USD
  • Zurich — world financial center; Population — 400,000; Average annual income — 110,000USD
  • high-quality brochures presenting each artist’s works
  • installation of professionally-designed banners and posters
  • publications and targeted advertising in the local cultural magazines and online media
  • careful local transportation
  • safe and secure warehousing
  • high-quality and friendly insurance services (for local art transportation)
  • thorough and skillful art installation services; up to 10–12 artworks on 10 square meters of exhibition space.



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Yeva Pilosyan

SEO/SMM specialist, content writer, ghost-writer, tour guide, mother of two. Dealing with my own spontaneous creativity outbursts